Our cost reduction service regularly delivers savings for our clients of over 20% across many categories. Clients also benefit from improved buying processes and increased profits. So, if you are finding it difficult to maintain profits on a static income, read on to find out more.


Typically, the most obvious areas for reducing cost are staff and cost-of-sales items. Firms often overlook indirect spend categories such as rent, accountancy and auditing fees, telecommunications, utilities, travel, distribution and logistics. In fact, combined direct and indirect purchasing expenditure, expressed as a percentage of turnover, can typically vary between 30 and 80 percent.

How we can help

Our experts will first identify what you are paying for goods and services because we rarely find clients who know just how many suppliers they deal with and what they spend with each. This analysis determines the size of the cash amount we are trying to control and reduce. Once we fully understand your business requirements, we then use our expertise and experienced category managers to negotiate with incumbent suppliers or approach alternate providers. We’ll determine a range of value-for-money options and present you with our recommendations. From there, we’ll introduce new suppliers and monitor supplier performance during the transition.

The way we work

Because we do not accept brokerage fees, commission or ‘introduction fees’ you can be assured that we are solely acting in your best interests. In fact, in many cases we’ve retained a client’s incumbent suppliers on improved terms. Because suppliers value our ethical, honest approach they are often willing to work with us to reduce overall costs to the client. By offering suppliers a level playing field, they know that they have just one chance to impress.

We can help your firm make savings across the whole business. Alternatively, we can just focus on one or two spend categories. You know what is best for your business and we’ll help you achieve those goals.

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